“Our approach is to balance the art of product creation, brand and supply with the science of marketing and process.”

We love taking your vision to reality. Here’s how we work:

Who are we?

AEK Group is a rapidly growing hybrid agency that owns and operates several eCommerce stores across various niches, offers product development services and digital marketing management.

We derive scale through the utilisation of common infrastructure and operations to operate niche ‘rich experience’ eCommerce stores and utilise our learnings from these experiences to assist other businesses with marketing and scaling.

What does that mean for you?

As a marketing agency, we have thrown out the traditional handbook and taken the deep dive approach into what makes each business unique. Using this in-depth knowledge of each business, we create high converting sales funnels for eCommerce and lead gen businesses encompassing all online marketing channels. 

How do we achieve results?

Our experiences growing our own eCommerce stores has made us pragmatic marketers that concentrate on real world results. Our focus is to form a deep integration of your marketing and web experience to your core product, unique selling points of your business, brand and the contextual complexities of your industry.  

You won’t find any cookie cutter solutions you may be used to from traditional digital marketers. Learn more about the journey we take with our customers going through core stages of Creation, Growth and Scaling.

Now you know a little about who we are, learn what we can do to achieve your business goals.

Create your platform.

We create a cohesive product, website, systems and funnel that connects with your audience and is ready for growth.

Grow your business.

Using the right message and offer across multiple channels & stages of the buyer journey results in growth that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Systemise and Scale.

We automate the processes draining your time, so you can focus on managing your business and it’s growth.

the platforms we work with

What makes us different

What sets us apart is our unique structure to hack growth that’s professionally tailored to each business. By managing and testing new strategies on our own brands, we’re able to apply innovative marketing methods to our clients and achieve real results.

Transparent Consulting

We ensure you know exactly what’s going on so you understand what we’re doing and why. You’re always in the loop so you never need to lose sleep over where your budget’s going.

Multi-Channel Strategy

We build a custom growth plan tailored to your business that utilises multiple forms of digital marketing channels to provide the best possible results. 

Experienced Business Owners

AEK was started with the intent to provide the marketing results for others that we needed for our very own businesses in the digital space.

Real Results

Through the experience and operation of  our own eCommerce stores, we understand the importance of real results. We maintain consistent growth and profit without the questionable speculations.

Optimised System

AEK Works on shifting the dial on conversions to give power back to business owners to make smarter decisions with their marketing budgets.

Designed for the Customer

All of our marketing decisions are formed around the customer’s ideal conditions to convert. This means every detail of our strategy is perfected and results in a higher conversion rate.

Contact us

We love hearing about upcoming businesses, let us know a little about you and your business to receive a free business consultation. We’ll present a strategy tailored to you based on your unique set of needs to achieve your goals and grow your business.


Create Your Platform

Product Creation

Turn your idea into life by using our product development services. We’ve worked with large ‘Instagram’ brands and influencers. We help create products that are made to stand out in the competitive digital landscape, and allow you to avoid mistakes rather than make them.

Create Your Platform

Digital Alignment

Preparation for success is key. Its important to ensure your business, systems and processes are ready for rapid growth that can be encountered online. Selection, implementation and integration of the right systems (ERP, email automation, inventory management, CRM, etc) to manage this growth is critical.

Create Your Platform

Website Development

We develop high converting eCommerce stores and landing pages that are thoroughly integrated with your product and brand. We use the highest standards of conversion based principles, vigorously optimised from our sales experience. Specialising in WordPress, Bigcommerce, Shopify and Magento.​

Create Your Platform

Funnel Integration

To realise the full potential of your brand, your core message must be integrated into all elements that contribute to your sales funnel. We have experience in building high performing funnels that are thoroughly connected to product, process and website, resulting in high conversion outcomes.

Grow Your Business

Multi-Channel Marketing

Digital Marketing has transformed. Consumers are now leveraging multiple channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and more. Serving the right advert to the right customer at the right source is a tricky balance between understanding data, positioning your product/brand and a customer’s journey.

Grow Your Business

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the quality, relevance and authority of your website to boost your web presence in google organic search results. A strong google organic presence is key to a profitable marketing strategy, that is defensible from new entrants in your industry.

Grow Your Business

Social Media Marketing

We’re specialists in building complex campaigns and ad flows that leverage the wealth of data available on social media to bring you highly targeted leads to fuel your growth. The performance of which is enhanced when combined with other marketing channels.

Grow Your Business

Email Trigger & Automation

Growth-focused brands need automation in their sales process to maximise results. A highly targeted and relevant email campaign utilising advanced tools that provide complex segmentation, with targeted and event based offers have a direct influence on sales and profits.

Systemise & Scale

E-Commerce Strategy

At AEK, we run multiple brands with different eCommerce strategies and technologies. We’ve trialed and tested multiple combinations to give our customers the most efficient route to market.

Systemise and Scale

Business Process Engineering

We engineer processes within your business that allow you to work on it rather than in it. This is executed through the implementation of a cohesive technology stack and clear process flows, with controls to catch exceptions and errors.

Systemise and Scale

Technology Integration

Our many partnerships and vendors allow us to cut through the ‘sales pitch’ and find the right choices for your and leverage the full potential of the technology you need to get your business up to speed.

Systemise and Scale

Funnel Optimisation

Through the use of advanced analytics, measurements, benchmarking and our experience we constantly refine and optimise your funnel to gain the highest return on investment from your marketing efforts.